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Fantastic Biking Routes in Ecuador, Part Three

March 11, 2012

Mindo bustles with national and international tourists, a colorful mix of dedicated bird watchers, orchid and butterfly and nature lovers along with young and adventuresome sports travelers, eager to enjoy the fantastic nature of the unique cloud forest or to engage on a river rafting outing; a canopy flight over the forests’ trees or a thrilling rock escalade.
We check in at one of the popular restaurants in the center of the village to indulge on a substantial lunch which includes fresh trout, the very Ecuadorian bowl of white rice, fresh salads and plenty of tropical and subtropical fruits from the area.  Our bikes are well covered from the sun and the warm temperature, while we refill ourselves with more calories and plenty of liquids for our last pedaling portion of the day.  We get back to our comfortable air conditioned bus and continue on towards the inner coastal flatlands, looking at new sights of banana, coffee, cocoa and citrus fruits’ plantations, along with pastures where cattle graze.  The good paved road allows us to devour kilometers in safety, until we reach the proximities of Cojimies, in the north-central coast of Ecuador. Time to get off from the bus, get hold and make use of our helmets, reflective vests, gloves, knee protections and to check each of our bikes to make sure they are well.  Now we will engage on the last leg of today’s biking adventure, having descended from the 9.000 feet above sea level of Quito, Ecuador’s capital, past the Equator, down through the cloud forests of the Mindo-Nambillo Reserve and now for a fast one hour ride along the coastline of Ecuador.
The Pacific Ocean greets us with its metallic blue color.  Miles of pristine sandy beaches frame our vision to the west as we pedal with due south course and the warm air of a sunny late afternoon puts us up to some extra sweat….  Here again we must comply with some fast-timings which require a good deal of muscle exercise and rapid pedaling… However, the flat and good quality road allows our caravan to move forward well as many by-passers wave at us.
Stretches of coconut palm trees align alongside the endless sandy beaches, and picturesque fishermen’s villages go by as we head towards Pedernales.  As we reach our destination town, we make one last stop, just to watch in awe one of those magic sunsets on Ecuador’s Pacific coast…. We cannot refrain from thinking how the sceneries have varied from our early morning departure from Quito, high in the Andes, to the late afternoon right by the Pacific Ocean…. Our bikes behaved well, there were no incidents along the way, and even though a bit tired from the pedaling effort, we exude happiness, that unique feeling of well being, a close relative of euphoria, having accomplished our seemingly difficult challenge of the day. As the last lights of the day taint the sky with orange and reddish tones, we enter the quaint and attractive town of Pedernales and we know that, after checking our bikes and securely guarding them on the support truck for the return trip, even before checking-in at our hotel, we will all head out to one of those cozy and colorful beach kiosks, blasting with loud tropical music, to celebrate our journey with an ice cold Ecuadorian beer……

This way we ended one more biking adventure on the magic realms of Ecuador, a memorable experience, never to be forgotten…..!!

E     N     D         O     F         P     A     R     T          T     H     R     E     E

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